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Sheikh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis updated: “I got to know a really nice brother called Abu Maryam. He recently had a daughter which he named Maryam. Maryam however has been diagnosed with a very rare disease. This disease prevents her from swallowing and she can’t move her limbs. She is paralysed from the neck down. Maryam is only a few weeks old and is in intensive care. 

Abu Maryam’s patience, gratitude, love and positivity really moved me and I asked him if I can see her in hospital. I went to the hospital and saw her. Masha’Allah (in God’s will) she is very cute and a little princess. I was overwhelmed by emotions watching her father speak to her and kiss her while she was sleeping. It made me realise how ungrateful I can be and how trivial my so-called problems are in light of other people’s real problems. 

Abu Maryam has informed me that Maryam’s condition has worsened and he has asked me to post her picture here (Facebook) and to ask you all to make a sincere supplication and to pray for her. May Allah (or if you’re not a Muslim, God, or simply pray for her)  cure her, grant the family patience and tranquillity in this life and the next.”

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